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Top Stories by Jason R Briggs

After what seems like months of waiting (and it probably has been), a color mobile phone (as opposed to a PDA/phone combination) has finally appeared on the British market. With a 101x80 pixel 256-color STN display, an e-mail application, calendar, games, and PC synchronization, it has everything you might want in a mobile...hang on a minute...where's the Java? Gah!! The manufacturer of this electronic travesty will remain anonymous. Suffice it to say I have purchased a voodoo doll in the shape of the son of the Viking called Eric and I'm stabbing it with large - blunted - pins every time I feel particularly aggrieved. Thankfully, Motorola has also released a new phone in the UK - the Accompli 008. Unfortunately, it only has a monochrome screen, but does include unhealthy levels of caffeine. Look for a review of the A008 in a future issue of JDJ. (If you're an Ameri... (more)

The Sky Is Falling

Apparently it hasn't been a good quarter for many PDA makers. Shipments were down from the same period last year so, of course, doom and gloom are predicted by all and sundry. Actually I'm exaggerating; one of the reports I read was fairly evenhanded in its approach ­ another was about as subdued as Chicken Little. Interesting timing, then, for aJile Systems to announce a new 100% Java "proof-of-concept" PDA that utilizes their aJ-100 processor. The press release is typically effusive in the way that only press releases can be: The result is a 10X performance enhancement that del... (more)

Java Games Development - Part 1

I recently had a hankering to play an older (not ancient) PC game that I used to enjoy. Since I've moved my entire desktop over to Linux (for almost a year ago now) that meant stealing my wife's Windows laptop and trying to install the game on that. Two FDISKs and one Windows reinstall later the laptop's HDD is still woefully short of a game, and I'm back at square one. This isn't an isolated case ­ there's a whole backlist of games that in an occasional retro mood I've felt like having another go atSeven to the point of attempting to get some of them working in various DOS/Window... (more)

Java Games Development - Part 3

Part 1 of this series appeared in the August issue of Java Developer's Journal (Vol. 8, issue 8), and Part 2 appeared in the September issue (Vol. 8, issue 9). JDJ: Microsoft has received quite a lot of good press (or propaganda, however you'd like to look at it) for their .NET product, and there has even been discussion that it will be/is suitable for games development with good DirectX bindings. Since Java is only just out of the gate (in terms of commercial games development), do you see .NET providing serious competition in this burgeoning market, or are there some (perhaps ... (more)

A Beginner's Guide to Writing Applications for the MID Profile

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we covered the basic features of the various MIDP APIs. We looked at creating and packaging a MIDlet, creating a user interface, and some basic graphics operations. We also discovered how to store data with the record management system and how to communicate over the network. This time around, we're going to talk about MIDP in the enterprise sense (which has nothing to do with "Star Trek"), and put together a basic example that shows how a MIDlet fits into the big picture. As mentioned before, and it bears repeating, a J2ME developer will undoub... (more)